The Principal of Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) technique

“Complimentary, Energy Healing, Vibrational Medicine and various forms of healing are inevitably becoming one of our life issues. Serious debates on the efficiency of the given “non-chemical” methods of the influence on the organism are gradually coming down due to the statistically valid clinic data, conceptual approaches and practical applications of acupuncture, homeopathy and low-energy treatments. It would be expedient to put forward a term, integrating all the above-mentioned methods of treatment simply stated as ’Informational Medicine’.

One of the principle factors of the Informational medicine promotion is the development of simple holistic methods for the examination of the human state, cheap and easy in application, as well as methods of monitoring the individual reaction on the informational influences.
In the history of Science developing of a new instrument always resulted in new understanding of Reality. Microscope, telescope, X-rays, tomography, ultra-sound – without these instruments modern science is powerless. Now a new instrument came to being – Computerised Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) technique, based on well-known Kirlian Effect.
Modern scientific and technologic means: fiber-glass optics, digitised TV matrix, picture processing with powerful computers – created a new base for introducing this technique into scientific practice. This is the first tool that lets us visualise the distribution of a human’s electromagnetic fields, and also to make it easily reproducible, graphically and, last but not the least, inexpensively


The principle of obtaining information, using the GDV approach, can be presented as follows:

Electric impulses stimulate the biological subject and generate a response in a wide band of frequencies by the subject in the form of electron and photon emission. Weak emissions and photon radiations of the subject increases at the expense of the gas discharge, generating in an electro magnetic field (EMF). The glow of this discharge is transformed by the optical and CCD system into a computer file. On the basis of the calculated parameters and diagnostic hypothesis a certain conclusion or diagnosis is made. The picture, formed after processing and transformations, is as a two-dimensional amplitude-modulated fractal image.

This technique is known as “Biological Emission and Optical Radiation Stimulated by Electromagnetic Field Amplified by Gaseous Discharge with Visualisation by Computer Processing”.

In short BEO GDV Technique and images after processing are named as BEO-grams or GDV-grams.