The main uses of the GDV technique are as follows:

Conventional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine are all modalities of the GDV application.

The diagnostic diagram produced by the GDV- technique
Every physical organ, every function of the mind-body has its precise effect on the human aura. By reading the aura around the fingers we can determine the malfunction of every organ of the body, long before physical symptoms become evident. We can also Investigate a person’s health and psycho-emotional state, both at the given moment in time and in its change over time; the influence of different drugs, medicine, exercises.
Promising results have been obtained in the express-diagnoses of cancer.

Evaluation of structural changes in water and liquids.

The GDV technique was found to be very sensitive to small changes of water structure due to the influence of different fields and environmental conditions.
Special field – is the study of GDV characteristics of blood samples. It has been shown, that they are quite different for a healthy patients and patients with cancer or with different phases of cardiac disorder.

A BEO- gram of tap water

Energetic properties of plants, crystals, minerals.

A BEO- gram of quartz rock.

Modern GDV equipment is capable of quantifying the energetic state of different objects, both living and inanimate, and their influence on the people who interact with them.

Subtle Energies, Parapsychology and Healing.
The ability to read an aura provides insight into much more than the physical body. Using modern GDV technology it has become possible to carry out innovative experiments in the area of telepathy, telekinesis and energetic healing modalities. Special techniques have been developed to check the changes of a person’s state during mediation, spiritual healing and training.

A BEO- gram of an ill subject, noting the gaps in the fields.

A BEO- gram of the phantom leaf effect, the line indicates where the pine needle was cut off physically removing the piece yet the Energy field is still viewed in position where it originally was. The only differnce now however, is that the Energy Glow recorded in the postion of the missing piece is very dim.

Evidence of the mind-body activity after death.

In 1993 Prof. Korotkov’s team obtained strong experimental evidence of human life energy for up to 6 days after physical death. Characteristic patterns emerged according to the manner of death. There were three very distinct Energy patterns which were able to be selected into three distinct categorised Groupings.

Group 1   Senile or death from natural causes. Energy is recorded and is attached to the body for maximum period of  24 hrs, then the Energy begins to dissipate.

Group 2  Death by trauma such as a accident, murder etc.  Energy is recorded and is attached to the body for maximuin period of  7 days, then the Energy begins to dissipate.

Group 3  Death as a result of suicide. Energy is recorded and is attached to the body for many days whereas this Energy does not actually dissipate but rather has cycles of very high to low spikes.